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Cindy is an artist who is based in Boston, Massachusetts with a focus on concept design and visual development. She enjoys designing well-rounded characters who have compelling stories and sharing them to her viewers.Cindy enjoys exploring different ways of art-making having experience in traditional art, digital art, as well as book-binding. Additionally, she is well versed in sewing, fashion design, and garment construction.Cindy received her BFA in Illustration at MassArt in 2021.

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Potions - for those in search for something

Folded structure book with pen & ink illustrations of potion bottles and their ingredients.

Trick or Treat

Accordion book with ink drawings of pin-up monster gals and Halloween pick-up lines.

Say, Little timmy

A children's book about a clumsy rabbit and his friend who tells him it's alright to make mistakes.
Single signature book.

Little Spirits

Four individual pop-up books featuring original animal spirit characters with accompanying matchbox case.

say, Little timmy

A Fool's journey

Illustration Thesis 2020 -2021

In this body of work, I explore my interpretation of tarot cards and play with space by turning traditional playing cards into tunnel books while also emphasizing “flatness”. Since tarot represents your “story of life”, I wanted to show the valuable lessons I have learned from the people I have met. Each represented by an original character and the Fool as a representation of myself.All process work can be found in my thesis book.

The Fool

*The Fool taught me to have fun! To let the things in the past stay in the past and to look forward to a new day. *
We may not know what will happen tomorrow but trust that the path you are taking is the right one.

the star

*The Star taught me to embrace the emotions and troubles that I have kept inside, the pain and sadness that was unknown to me for so long.
To open this part of me that I am still unwilling to show, afraid that it makes me weak. *


*Justice taught me to be firm with my decisions but to bare in mind that with every action comes with consequences. *
*It's alright to make mistakes, be kind and forgive yourself, this is an opportunity to learn and to correct yourself. *

the empress

*The Empress taught me to follow my bliss. To be in tune with my senses and experience the pleasures and fulfillments of life. *
She taught me how to be nurturing and to support my loved ones and that she will always be there when I come home.
She will always be someone I can depend on, be someone I can talk to, and be someone I can feel safe around.

a fool's journey

Illustration Thesis 2020 -2021

A collection of process and research.


Tarot Cards

'Til death

Illustrations featuring original characters and characters from When the Night Comes.

The Balladeer

Illustration of Scaramouche from Genshin Impact.

Oh Captain, My Captain

Spread illustrated for Glacial Waltz Zine.

Dinner at asase shrine

Illustration for the Assorted Starglitter Zine.

The fate that brings people together is not a cord so easily cut

Deep Sea Trading cards

A collaborative project with fellow artists, Avery and Yuni, for the Cambridge Science Festival 2021.


Self-portraits and portrait commissions.

Traditional Works

In Tandem

11"x14" studies of The Isabella Gardner Museum's courtyard done in acrylic paint .
The place where we go to escape the busy city-life.

The Five Senses

9''x12" black and white ink illustrations accented with gold foil.

Oh, that's me!

Various self-portraits done in charcoal from 2019-2020.

Hi-key / Lowkey

Self-portraits done in acrylic paint using a hi-key color palette and a lowkey color palette.

Black & White

A collection of my favorite drawings done in charcoal and white charcoal.

Model Studies

Studies and gesture drawings from various model sessions done in charcoal at the studio.

concept work

20,000 Leagues Under the sea

Based on Jules Verne's 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Characters and story reimagined as a romance Visual Novel / Dating simulation.


Illustration and concept design of a witch's potion shop as an "eye-spy" narrative game.

The Saraswati family

A family of well known geniuses in the field of medicine and technology.

Niraj Saraswati

The second eldest and the odd one out in the Saraswati family, leaving his studies to pursue his passion for the arts and dance.

Linyu - Sign of Fortune

A charismatic member of the Adventurer's Guild in Liyue who always welcome the company of others and will never apologize for their indulgences.
Original character from the world of Genshin Impact.

Linyu Revised

Shouhei - Smiling Cat

A silver-tongued cat whose loyalty lies between himself and the money he earns as a means of appeasing his pessimistic outlook.
Original character from the world of Genshin Impact.

Naoki - Gilded

A gentle Oni, previously a well cherished Oiran, who lives a quiet life in the countryside as a calligraphy artist.
Original character from the world of Genshin Impact.

Genshin OC Portraits

Splash art sketches

Character constellations

Character speacial dishes

Stickers and Charms

More characters and alternative outfits

Personal Work


Original Characters

Costumes & Props

Graphic Design

Hipstitch LLc